Laura Johnson, Case Western Reserve University


Past Event

Laura Johnson, Case Western Reserve University

September 30, 2019
2:10 PM - 3:10 PM
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor

Massive Gravitons in Curved Spacetimes

This talk will cover various interesting topics that occur in massive spin-2 on various spacetimes including de Sitter, anti-de Sitter, and flat space. In de Sitter, we examine what happens to massive gravity as its mass approaches the partially massless value. In this limit, if the interactions are chosen to be precisely those of the 'candidate' non-linear partially massless theory, the strong coupling scale is raised, giving the theory a wider range of applicability. In anti-de Sitter and flat spacetime, we show how shift symmetries acting on the vector modes emerge from massive spin-2 theories fixing the non-linear structure and discuss whether these theories have amplitudes that can be constructed via soft substracted recursion.