Mariana Carrillo Gonzalez, University of Pennsylvania


Past Event

Mariana Carrillo Gonzalez, University of Pennsylvania

February 10, 2020
2:10 PM - 3:10 PM
Pupin Hall Theory Center (8th Floor)

Pushing the limits of the double copy

In this talk, I will explain what the double copy relation is. Firstly, I will look at the case of Yang-Mills ^2 = Gravity and afterward its generalization to scalar EFTs. This relation was originally formulated for scattering amplitudes, but recently it has been shown to hold on more general contexts. I will talk about extensions related to classical solutions, both exact and perturbative. I will focus on the cases of the double copy for curved spacetimes, 3d gravity, and scalar EFTs. Lastly, I will explain when the double copy holds if we include higher dimensional operators for the EFTs.