Sera Cremonini, Lehigh University


Past Event

Sera Cremonini, Lehigh University

November 26, 2018
2:10 PM - 3:10 PM
Pupin Hall Theory Center, 8th Floor

Intertwined orders and fermions in holography

Behind the unconventional behavior of many strongly interacting quantum systems is an intrinsically complex phase diagram exhibiting a variety of orders.These may not only compete but also cooperate with each other, describing phases that have a common origin and are intertwined. In recent years holography has given us a new set of tools to approach quantum many-body systems, offering a new window into strongly correlated electron matter such as high temperature superconductors.

In this talk I will discuss a holographic model of a striped superconductor, which provides a realization of intertwined orders in holography.

I will also use this model as a concrete framework to examine the formation of Fermi surfaces in systems in which translational invariance is broken, both spontaneously and explicitly.

As we will see, the Fermi surface is very sensitive to lattice effects, and in particular starts to dissolve when the lattice is sufficiently strong, leaving behind disconnected segments reminiscent of Fermi arcs.